Somalia: Setting the Pace for Good Governance

Having met in Mid July 2015 in Mogadishu for the final review of the EU funded SWA II Program titled “Setting the Pace for Good Governance” Somali Women Agenda demands for the following;

Assurance of their rightful space in all ongoing peace processes in order to contribute meaningfully to lasting peace in this nation;

Full inclusion and representation of women in the ongoing constitutional processes in which their inputs must be taken on board

Somali Women should decide who will represent them in peace building and state building processes.

Women to decide who will represent them in all elective/selective and appointive positions at all levels of governance in this nation;

Parliament must come up with legislations to ensure that women are adequately represented in elective/selective and appointive positions across the board before the next elections as envisaged in the provisional constitution;

There must be Massive Civic education across the country before the next elections to counter the ongoing misinformation on the ground that is not helping stability;

National Voter education must be conducted at all levels to make people understand the importance of having women in leadership positions;

The government must take deliberate measures /affirmative action to ensure that at least 30% women get employed both in government and private sector;

Government as the primary duty bearer must prioritize, facilitate and provide basic services that affect women directly such as health, education and security.

More information:

Full Statement of Somali Women Agenda (SWA) 

Statement by likeminded Somali Civil Society Consultative Platform of Peace and State-building in Somalia

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